What are the SMA Lifestyle Centers?

Southwest Medical Associates (SMA) has opened senior-oriented facilities as part of the Senior Experience offering annual physical exams. The exam is offered without any co-pay to all new and current Senior Dimensions members, who have selected SMA as their provider.  

In addition, the Senior Social Club at the Lifestyle Center offers the following:

·         Health education classes, support groups and seminars.

·         Assistance with accessing community resources.

·         Various social activities including Wii tournaments, movies and game days. 

Where are the SMA Lifestyle Centers?

There are two locations:

·         5820 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 100 (between Patrick and Russell).

·         8680 West Cheyenne Avenue (west of Durango); The Social Club is in a separate building across the parking lot.

What are the hours for the SMA Lifestyle Centers?

Appointments for the medical clinic begin at 7:00 AM. The normal hours of operation for the Senior Social Club are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Special events or activities may be offered at other times.

What is included in the physical exam offered at the Lifestyle Center?

The physical exams are limited to Senior Dimensions members (and those with straight Medicare-only) and include:

·         A comprehensive physical exam – 30 minutes with the nurse and 30 minutes with the provider.

·         All vitals and any tests relevant to a patient’s specific needs can also be conducted, including EKGs, bone mineral density tests, pulmonary function tests, ABIs, glucose monitoring, etc.

Please note the exam does not include the following: Eye exams, glaucoma or hearing tests, colonoscopies, referrals to specialty providers, shingles vaccinations, or completion of disability paperwork.

In addition, most lab tests will be ordered and sent to Quest Diagnostics, and x-ray orders will be sent to Radiology.

Can I see my regular doctor at the SMA Lifestyle Centers?

No. Only annual physical exams will be provided at the Lifestyle Center. Any follow-up issues will be communicated and coordinated with your primary care provider as needed.

Will there be an on-site lab at the SMA Lifestyle Center?

Limited testing such as a urinalysis may be done at the site. However, most of the tests will be performed at a Quest Diagnostics facility and co-pays may apply.

Do I need to be a Senior Dimensions member to participate in activities at the SMA Lifestyle Centers?

No. Any senior is welcome to participate in the social activities, seminars, and events at the Senior Social Club, regardless of age or insurance. 

Where can I get more information about the SMA Lifestyle Center?

Information and a calendar of events will be distributed on a regular basis. Seniors can also call the toll free number for the Lifestyle Centers at 866-249-7674 for more information. You may also visit our SMA Lifestyle Centers webpage at: Lifestyle Centers