AdultguidelinesAdult Preventative Health Care GuidelinesDownload
Amendment to PHI InfoRequest for Correction/Amendment of PHI InfoDownload
Asthma ER FlyerAsthma ER FlyerDownload
Asthma ER Flyer-SpanishAsthma ER - SpanishDownload
Asthma Quick Care FlyerAsthma Quick Care Download
Asthma Quick Care Flyer-SpanishAsthma Quick Care - SpanishDownload
Chronic Conditions GuidelinesChronic Condition GuidelinesDownload
Consent_Electronic Exchange of Individual Health Info_SpanishConsent_Electronic Exchange of Individual Health Info_SpanishDownload
Depression BrochureSeniors and Depression, What You Need to KnowDownload
Distances to SMA ClinicsDistance to SMA Clinic by Zip Code Download
H1N1 Questions - AnswersH1N1 Questions and AnswersDownload
HEW ReferralHEW Referral FormDownload
Imaging Order FormImaging Order FormDownload
Mammo request from Outside FacilityMammography Request for Prior Images-Outside FacilityDownload
MyHewOnline FlyerMy HEW Online FlyerDownload
New Bowel Prep - MoviPrepColonoscopy Bowel Preparation (MoviPrep)Download
New Bowel Prep - SUPREPColonoscopy Bowel Preparation (SUPREP)Download
New Bowel Prep - Trilyte GolytelyColonoscopy Bowel Preparation (Trilyte or Golytely)Download
New OB PatientNew OB Registration and QuestionnaireDownload
New OB Patient_SpanishNew OB Registration and Questionnaire - SpanishDownload
New Patient Questionnaire & Registration_SpanishNew Patient Register & Questionnaire_SpanishDownload
New Patient Registration - Spanish 1884New Patient Registration - SpanishDownload
New Patient Registration and QuestionnaireNew Patient Registration and QuestionnaireDownload
Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical History_SpanishObstetrics & Gynecology Medical History_SpanishDownload
Pain Mgmt SMA Health QuestionnairePain Mgmt SMA Health QuestionnaireDownload
Patient Authorization Form_SpanishInsurance Auth/Adv Dir/Consent for Minor Child_SpanishDownload
PediatricguidelinesChildhood Preventative Health Care GuidelinesDownload
Pre-Op QuestionnaireSMA Surgery Center Pre-Op QuestionnaireDownload
Protected Health Information Authorization_EnglishProtected Health Information Authorization_EnglishDownload
Radiology Film Release FormRadiology Film Release FormDownload
ReferenceCardPatient Health Summary Reference CardDownload
ReleaseMedicalRecords_EnglishRequest to Release Medical RecordsDownload
ReleaseMedicalRecords_SpanishRequest to Release Medical Records - SpanishDownload
Request to Obtain Medical Records-EnglishRequest to Obtain Medical Records-EnglishDownload
Request to Obtain Medical Records-SpanishRequest to Obtain Medical Records-SpanishDownload
SMA Advanced DirectivesAdvance Directive FormDownload
Text4Baby Eng-Spanish Trifold FINAL FINALText4baby BrochureDownload