Can I renew Schedule 2 medications (narcotics) on SMA Health Online?

Yes, schedule 2 medications (narcotics) can be renewed online by going to the Medications screen and selecting the “Renew” checkbox for the medication to be renewed after you have logged into your account.

Note: If one of your medications is highlighted, then it is not renewable.

Please note that due to Federal and/or State law and/or clinic guidelines, medicines considered controlled/narcotic may require a written prescription that cannot be sent directly to a pharmacy and must be picked up in our office by the patient.

Due to privacy reasons, our office(s) will release a controlled/narcotic written prescription to the patient only, unless the patient has given written authorization to release a prescription to a specified individual.

If you wish to authorize Southwest Medical Associates to release a prescription to a specified individual, please fill out the “To get a copy of your Southwest Medical records” form located in the Health Information Management - Medical Records "To obtain a copy of your medical records from Southwest Medical Associates" section of our website and turn in the completed form to the office.


On the “Request to Release Medical Records” form Section 1 should be noted as “Other” with “Prescription Pickup” written next to “Other.” Section 5 of the form will need to have the name, address and phone number of the individual the patient is authorizing for prescription pickup.