What is the difference between a prescription refill and a prescription renewal?

When your provider writes a prescription, he or she will designate the number of refills your pharmacy can give you. A prescription refill is a new installment of your medication the pharmacy can prepare for you. You can contact your pharmacy and they will prepare and refill for you right away.

When all of the refills have been used, you need a new prescription or prescription renewal. You can request a prescription renewal by contacting your pharmacy and they will send a renewal request to your provider for most medications. You may also place a renewal request by calling SMA Patient Services at (702) 877-5199; Option 1 for medication. They are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

You may also place a renewal request from your My SMA Health Online account. Your provider will review your request and send a new prescription to the pharmacy or contact you if the renewal cannot be processed.

Please note that due to Federal and/or State law and/or clinic guidelines, medicines considered controlled may require a written prescription that cannot be sent directly to a pharmacy and must be picked up in our office.