Why am I not receiving e-mail confirmations from My SMA Health Online?

You will receive an email confirmation regarding appointment reminders and/or E-Visit notifications if you have turned on this option in your online account. To change your email preferences, please login to your account. Once you have logged into your account go to “My Profile” in the top menu bar and then select “Change Profile Information.” You will see the option at the bottom of the page to update your preferences for emails regarding appointment reminders and/or E-Visit notifications.


Please note that after selecting the correct box, you must click on “Update” to make your changes.


Some email services may flag our emails as spam/junk mail. If you didn't receive our emails, please check the spam/junk filter of your email account. Please note that email services may flag the confirmation email as spam/junk mail and will not deliver our email to your spam/junk mail.


To prevent our emails from being labeled as spam/junk mail, please update your spam/junk mail settings and add the domains of @smalv.com and @uhc.com to your list of domain names that you wish to receive emails from. Adding these domain names will allow you to receive emails from the different email addresses that we may use.