Why am I only seeing appointments with my PCP's Physician Assistant?

My SMA Health Online enables you to schedule an appointment in the next 60 days for Adult Medicine and Pediatric appointments. Please note when using My SMA Health Online you can only search up to 30 days at a time; therefore, to search for appointments within a 60 day period you will have to do one search for the first 30 days then change the date range to the next 30 days.


The initial results that you see are the first available appointments out of all our Convenient Cares and the provider(s). If you do not see a provider on the initial results screen this does not mean that they do not have appointments at all.


When you get to the results screen you will then be able to filter your results to show all providers using “PCP Appointments Only”, Convenient Care appointments using “On Demand Appointment Only” or by selecting the name of a specific provider.


If you search within a 60 day period and your PCP does not show and there are only appointments for a different Doctor, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or Convenient Care, this means that your provider does not have any available appointments within 60 days. As your health is important to us and all our providers have access to your electronic medical records, our website offers the ability to see another provider.