How do I know if my orders for lab tests are still active?

If your Physician orders labs for you, here are some things you want to know about orders:

  • Lab orders sent to Quest Diagnostics will expire six months from the order date.
  • You can go to any Quest Diagnostics facility to have the test done.
  • Quest Diagnostics does not make scheduled appointments for their lab facilities located at Southwest Medical Associates (SMA) locations.
  • SMA Quest Diagnostics locations are on a WALK-IN basis ONLY.
  • If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Quest Diagnostics at another location, please call 888-277-8772 or go to their website:

To view your lab orders, login to your My SMA Health Online account, and under the "My Health" menu, go to "My Orders". 

Please note: Sometimes when lab results come in, the lab order still may appear active under "My Orders". You can always call SMA Patient Services at (702) 877-5199 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and a representative will be able to verify if an order is still active or send a message to your provider to verify if the lab order is active and/or needed.